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These washcloths (8x16 in) are from our iconic feel line of towels. We introduced stylish accent patterns along one edge, giving them a vibrant splash of color. Explore and discover your personal favorite among the exciting options we're curated for our customers. 

*Kindly consult product photos to identify specific pattern types.



育てるタオル、日本で一番人気のフィールシリーズのウォッシュクロス(20 x 40 cm)。タオルの一辺に彩り豊かなパターンをプラスしました。ぜひあなたのお気に入りを見つけてください。


feel applique (8x16 in)

  • Size: 8 x 16 in  (20 x 40 cm)

    Colors: Mist (Ivory) Pattern A, Mist (Ivory) Pattern B, Lotus Pattern A, Lotus Pattern B, Moon Greige Pattern A, Moon Greige Pattern B, Moss Pattern A, Moss Pattern B, Charcoal Pattern A, Charcoal Pattern B, Fog Blue Pattern A, Fog Blue PatternB

    Material: 100% Cotton

    Package: Semi-transparent Box

    Box Size: W2.4 x H4.7 x D2.4 in (W60 x H120 x D60 mm)

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