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Our new line of adorable baby towels is called, ‘Fais moi calin!' This phrase means ‘give me a hug’ in French. One side is lined with our characteristic super-soft pile and the other side is made of gauze which is gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. These towels are so perfect for wrapping your baby in peaceful comfort that you can’t resist the urge to hold and hug them. Sodateru Towel wants your baby to grow up strong and healthy!


Towels are must-have items when raising your precious baby. We included a loop in one corner of the towel for easy handling. There’s also a tag so you can write your child’s name for added personalization. The package is reusable and is convenient for storing small items.


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育てるタオルのベビーシリーズ「Fais moi calin!(フェモアキャラン!)」。フランス語で子どもが「ぎゅーして!」と甘えるようなニュアンスの言葉です。このタオルは、汗を吸収しやすいパイルと、肌に優しいガーゼの2面で優しく赤ちゃんを包み込んで、思わず抱きしめたくなるようなハグするタオル。このタオルと一緒に、すくすくと育ってほしいという願いを込めました。





Fais moi calin! (Baby Towels) loop hand towel (12x12 in)

  • Size: 12 x 12 in  (30 x 30 cm)

    Colors: Vanilla (Ivory), Apricot, Citron, Pistachio, Sorbet

    Material: 100% Cotton


    Package Size: W6.3 x D3.6 xH8.5 in (W16x D8.6  x H21.5 cm)


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