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Welcome to Sodateru Towel USA!

(Japanese language translation below.   日本語は下に続きます。)

Our parent company, A-Z Corporation, has more than 50 years of experience in the towel business worldwide. In 2013, we made the decision to launch our own luxurious towel brand, Sodateru Towel. We've had great success through our website and operate a retail store in Tokyo's prestigious Omotesando neighborhood. Now, Sodateru Towel is available in the United States!

What makes Sodateru Towel unique?


Do you know what Sodateru means in Japanese? It means to raise, to grow or to nurture. We chose this name because our towels actually grow in volume and increase their fluffiness when washed and dried. These are not the only special characteristics, there are more features.


#1 They grow softer and fluffier when washed.

Regular towels become thinner and coarse over time and lose their fluffiness. Amazingly, Sodateru Towels are the opposite. They develop air gaps within their threads when washed. This creates a super soft and fluffy towel when dry.  You can see with your own eyes how they grow.


#2 Their water absorbing power and quick-drying ability grow as well.

When the threads develop air gaps, they expand and become softer and fluffier. The result is a unique towel that's highly absorbent and quick drying. The more you use it, the softer it gets, the better it absorbs water and the faster it dries. Experience amazing with Sodateru Towel.

#3 They produce less fuzz so it lasts longer.

Sodateru Towel’s threads have twice the amount of twists as regular threads. That’s why our towels produce less fuzz, their texture remains soft, they don’t become thin and maintain their impressive capacity to absorb water. As a result, our towels last longer.  


#4 They’re amazingly lightweight and so easy to use.

One of the amazing characteristics of Sodateru Towel is its ease of use. Since the threads have a lot of air gaps within the fibers, they’re very lightweight and a joy to use every day. Our towels will last a long time and become one of your favorite possessions!

If you try Sodateru Towel just once, you will never want to use any other brand again. Get your own Sodateru Towel and watch it grow!

Why does Sodateru Towel grow?


We use cotton threads named Spongee Cotton 100 for Sodateru Towel.

Spongee Cotton 100 is a new type of thread that is produced using a patented manufacturing technique. Because of these special threads, Sodateru Towel has more air gaps between the threads than ordinary towels which allows them to become fluffier when washed and dried.

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#1 洗うたびに、ふんわり、ふっくら育ちます



#2 吸水力と速乾性も、育っていきます



#3 毛羽落ちが少なく、いつまでも長く使えます


#4 驚きの軽さが、使いやすさを生んでいます







before and after washed.jpeg
before and after washed.jpeg
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