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Sodateru Towel


Promotions for Valentine's Day!

1) Free Shipping on any order over $100.
    *Promo code: VALENTINE
    *Ends 2/14/23 (EST)

2) Get a free Spongee Cotton Scarf Towel (5x39 in)
on any order over $50.

    *Promo code not required.
    *Colors assigned randomly.
    *Promotion ends 2/14/23 or until supplies last.

1) $100以上お買い上げの場合送料無料!
     *プロモコード: VALENTINE
​2) $50以上お買い上げの方全員に、SC(スポンジーコットン)
スカーフタオル(13x100 cm)​1枚をプレゼントします。

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