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Put a colorful bow on your box and transform it into an elegant gift!

Don't forget to let us know which item(s) you want wrapped with a bow. (Ex: MARQUE, Bath towel, Fog Blue)


If you wish to send Sodateru Towels as a gift inside the USA, we can include a note inside the box with your name and personalized message (no extra fees). Please include your message when ordering.


*Bow gift wrapping option is only available for the MARQUE and Fais moi calin! line.








*こちらはMARQUEとFais moi calin!のタオル専用ですので、その他のタオルはGift Wrapping (feel, yellow ribbon, +S, SC, Hello Kitty)をご覧ください。

Gift Wrapping (MARQUE, Fais moi calin!)

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